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Find MultiLing at AIPLA

This October (19‐21), MultiLing’s sales and leadership teams will be exhibiting at the American Intellectual Property Law Association’s #aiplaAM17 in Washington, DC. IP practitioners from across the US and around the world would be there. Meet industry thought leaders and influencers, and learn more about our patent translation services. We look forward to seeing you […]

MultiLing Sponsorship: IP World Summit, Amsterdam

          IP WORLD SUMMIT 2017 At the Intellectual Property World Summit (September 25-27, 2017) you’ll find the tools you need to successfully navigate today’s increasingly complex and volatile market and MultiLing is proud to be a part of it. So far this year, the UK has triggered Article 50, countries around […]

Find MultiLing at IPO San Francisco

MultiLing’s sales and leadership teams are excited to attend this year’s IPO conference in San Francisco from Sept. 17-19. We invite you to find us in Booth 209, just past the event center doors. CEO Michael Sneddon will be attending the forums, and on-hand to meet with other attendees. To schedule a meeting with him […]

Why “The Right Words Matter”

In The Wit and Wisdom of Mark Twain, the famous author is quoted as saying, “The difference between the almost right word and the right word is really a large matter. ‘tis the difference between the lightning bug and the lightning.” In life, we often experience negative consequences when we don’t choose our words carefully. Word […]

Eingebaute Qualität: Wie ISO und andere Zertifizierungen eine erstklassige Übersetzung sicherstellen

Von Jeremy Coombs W. Edwards Deming, respektierter Wissenschaftler des 20. Jahrhunderts im Gebiet der Systemtheorie, verwies gern darauf, dass die Qualität eines Produktes nicht durch Überprüfung erreicht werden kann. Doch wie soll man die Qualität sicherstellen, wenn nicht durch Überprüfung? Wer mit Demings Prinzipien vertraut ist, weiß, dass die Qualität von Anfang an in das Produkt […]

Die elf seltsamsten Regeln für Patentanmeldungen weltweit

Von Tyler Young Haben Sie sich auch schon einmal gewünscht, das Verfahren zum Einreichen eines Patentantrags wäre für alle Länder ein bisschen einheitlicher? Mit diesem Wunsch stehen Sie wahrscheinlich nicht alleine da. Die Anforderungen können von Land zu Land völlig verschieden sein und sind für die Antragsteller oft verwirrend. Wir haben elf der merkwürdigsten Anmeldebedingungen […]

Stop Making These Three Patent Filing Mistakes, Says Our Jeremy Coombs

In an article on today’s, senior VP of operations at MultiLing, Jeremy Coombs, outlined what he sees as the three biggest patent filing mistakes companies are making when drafting and filing their patent applications domestically and worldwide. While his suggestions on how to combat them won’t guarantee zero risk, they will decrease the chance of […]

Which technologies are critical for IP translations?

While machine translations continues to advance, it is never expected to be more than an aid for human translators conducting IP translations, according to an article Jeremy Coombs wrote for In his article, Coombs outlines three technologies that are simplifying IP translations, especially patents: terminology management, translation memory and machine-assisted technologies. All play a critical role, […]

China Leads Worldwide Patent Applications, WIPO Says

With the increasing demand for patent translations we’ve seen over the last few years, it’s no surprise that for the fifth consecutive year, patent applications continued to rise worldwide. According to the 2015 edition of the World Intellectual Property Indicators, there were 2.7 million applications in 2014, contributing to a 4.5 percent increase over 2013. Even […]

Japan, US Lead Patents, Innovations in High-Growth Tech, Says WIPR

Japan, the United States, Germany, France, the United Kingdom and the Republic of Korea continue to drive innovations in three high-growth technologies: 3D printing, nanotechnology and robotics, according to the latest World Intellectual Property Report (WIPR). In fact, these six countries account for 75 percent of all-time patent filings in these industries, with China making significant […]