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Eingebaute Qualität: Wie ISO und andere Zertifizierungen eine erstklassige Übersetzung sicherstellen

Von Jeremy Coombs W. Edwards Deming, respektierter Wissenschaftler des 20. Jahrhunderts im Gebiet der Systemtheorie, verwies gern darauf, dass die Qualität eines Produktes nicht durch Überprüfung erreicht werden kann. Doch wie soll man die Qualität sicherstellen, wenn nicht durch Überprüfung? Wer mit Demings Prinzipien vertraut ist, weiß, dass die Qualität von Anfang an in das Produkt […]

Die elf seltsamsten Regeln für Patentanmeldungen weltweit

Von Tyler Young Haben Sie sich auch schon einmal gewünscht, das Verfahren zum Einreichen eines Patentantrags wäre für alle Länder ein bisschen einheitlicher? Mit diesem Wunsch stehen Sie wahrscheinlich nicht alleine da. Die Anforderungen können von Land zu Land völlig verschieden sein und sind für die Antragsteller oft verwirrend. Wir haben elf der merkwürdigsten Anmeldebedingungen […]

Patent Translation Isn’t Possible Without People—Invest In Them

At MultiLing, we frequently talk about the technology we use for patent translation and the efficiencies it brings. But the truth is, no matter how savvy the technology, we couldn’t translate without people. In his latest Business2Community column, MultiLing CEO Michael Sneddon highlights exactly this idea: “While I previously wrote about the importance of building […]

3 Essentials for Reducing Litigation Risk When Protecting IP

by Jeremy Coombs, PMP, MultiLing Senior Vice President of Operations The world’s largest biotechnology companies file thousands of domestic and foreign patents each year to protect their valuable intellectual property. Unfortunately, the successful filing and issuance of a patent doesn’t ensure its safety. In fact, a poorly drafted patent—one with inaccurate or incomplete details and […]

In the News: Three Skills of a Quality Patent Translator

MultiLing is always on the lookout for another excellent patent translator and the company has learned a thing or two about their key characteristics. Michael Sneddon, MultiLing president and CEO, recently shared some requirements the company has of its patent translators in an article for Business2Community. “For the inexperienced company preparing to expand internationally, seeking, finding […]

In the News: MultiLing Quietly Handles Business Translations for Global Commerce

Provo, Utah’s local newspaper – the Daily Herald – published an article Sunday about MultiLing’s quiet presence in the city, while at the same time being a hugely global company as it provides business translations for intellectual property departments at global enterprises. MultiLing has had its headquarters in Provo since being founded in 1988 by […]

IP Index Correlates Strong IP Protection with Thriving Economies

While people continue to debate whether patents spur or stifle innovation, the recently published 2015 International IP Index from the Global Intellectual Property Center (GIPC) of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce draws correlations between strong IP protections and thriving innovative economies. Namely: Economies with robust IP environments yield 50 percent more innovative output compared to […]


I ran into a client at the airport not long ago and asked how things were going. I was pleased to hear his complete satisfaction with MultiLing services and our relationship. I asked if there was anything more we could work on and he replied tongue-in-cheek that maybe we could give his company a better […]

Serving Up the Best Content for Translation

While everyone rushes to have valuable content to attract online business, the question of how to best prepare – or create – that content for translation is important to consider. EContent magazine addressed the topic in an article today by Michael LoPresti: Preparing Your Content for Machine Translation. Kevin Nelson, senior vice president of strategy and technology […]

Filing Patents in Latin America

The number of patents filed in Latin America is minuscule compared to China, Japan and the United States, however, a closer look reveals more. Recent statistics released in June from the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) show an overall 2.7 percent increase in patents filed in Latin America. This growth was led by Mexico with […]