MultiLing Headlines July Edition of TCWorld Mag

Logo tcworld MultiLing transaltion servicesOn the front page of its July edition, the internationally acclaimed magazine for information management, TCWorld, features an article written by MultiLing’s marketing expert, Emmanuel Margetic. The article “Ensuring brand integrity with terminology management” is again a treatment about the significant correlation between consistent brand management and professional translation services. A more general approach on this topic, also written by Emmanuel, can be found here.

In his latest article, Margetic illustrates the process of managing a company’s brand language in detail using the case study of “The Melting Pot”, a North American fondue restaurant franchise that expanded to Mexico in 2010. “When the Mexican franchise owners visited The Melting Pot’s headquarters in the United States, it became clear that one dialect of Spanish is not always the same as another. The Melting Pot easily resolved this by having MultiLing create a terminology database that provided a glossary of new terms appropriate for the Mexican locations. In the end, The Melting Pot was using the same basic language, but with country specific terms,”explains Margetic.

Read the complete article in the July 2011 edition of TCWorld