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4 Things to Consider Before Going Global

Whether a start-up or an established company focused exclusively on a U.S. audience, at some point the thought has likely crossed your mind: Am I ready to take my business global? While reaching millions of potential customers around the world is the dream of any businessperson, not being prepared for the complexities associated with new […]

Save Your Money: Reduce IP Litigation Risk

IP litigation can be costly, whether or not the case ever makes it to court. According to the American Intellectual Property Law Association, the average cost of patent litigation through trial is $2.5 million, even for a successful defense. But the costs are not only in dollars. In addition to an enterprise’s legal team, litigation […]

Are You Following “Best Practices” in Intellectual Property Translations?

Filing patents can be costly, especially when filing domestically and internationally in numerous countries. In fact, translation costs can eat up a significant portion of a client’s IP budget, with some of the largest patent filers in the world budgeting upwards of $10 million annually to ensure each language version of every patent is accurately […]

A Business Tutorial: Four Ways to Stretch Your Patent Budget

Whether your annual patent budget is in the tens of thousands of dollars or the tens of millions of dollars, the pressure to do more with less is becoming increasingly essential, even for critical budget items like the development and protection of patents. In addition to the competitive edge that a strong patent portfolio provides, […]

Unlocking the Peculiarities

The rapid and significant growth of patent filings in northeast Asia (China, Japan and South Korea) is contributing to the strongest rate of global intellectual property growth in nearly two decades, according to the World Intellectual Property Indicators 2013. For the first time, China residents accounted for the largest number of patents filed worldwide (560,681 […]

MultiLing has appointed David Urry as CFO

Salt Lake City — MultiLing has appointed David Urry as the company’s chief financial officer. Urry spent the last 13 years as the CFO of Aetna Insurance Company subsidiary Medicity, Inc. (View article here.)

Industry Qs

Worried about getting lost in translation? You should be. Taking your company global is so much more than being a Google Translate boss. It’s about dotting your Is and crossing your Ts — literally and figuratively. So before you get frustrated and shout, “What in the world?” take the words of Randy Scott, VP of […]

Fast Track to Globalization: Becoming a Key Provider To Top Global Firms

The challenges small U.S. businesses face in growing globally are vast, but the opportunities can be significant. In this process, becoming a service provider to Global 500 companies – many of which generate 40-50 percent of their revenue in overseas markets – can be one of the most efficient ways for smaller companies to enter […]

Best Practices in Translations for IP Protection

Best practices in the translation process can have a major effect on the overall patent filing and prosecution process. The right people, process and technology in IP translations and other foreign patent filing services will protect your IP and IP budget with fewer office actions, faster time to grant and reduced risk of invalidation. This […]

MultiLing Adds Sales and Marketing Professionals

MultiLing, a translation services provider, has hired several sales and marketing professionals. Randy Scott is vice president of marketing, Michael Degn is vice president of sales operations, Barbara Vellone is business development manager, large law firms, and Matt Goldberg is corporate business development manager over the western US region. (View article here.)