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The Evolution of a Language

In an interesting interview on the “Center for the art of translation” webpage, Michael Matto, co-author of the book “The Word Exchange” talks about the evolution of the English language from “Old English” to today’s standards.

“Old English is the language of the Anglo-Saxons. It derives from members of a larger family of Germanic languages. Their poetry would have originally been composed orally and memorized for oral performance. Presumably these performances could vary in exact content, much like a contemporary folk or blues player might alter a song with each concert. However, which extant Old English poems were composed orally and which were written by literate poets remains a mystery, as do the specific circumstances of performance.”

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Welcome Message

Dear Readers,

Welcome to the new MultiLing blog!

We have started this information platform to give our readers an in-depth view of the worldwide translation industry and related topics. We at MultiLing know that the translations business is much more than just transferring words from one language into another. As a worldwide operating company with more than 500 associated translators all over the world and offices in the US, Germany, Italy, Peru, Korea, and Japan, we know a lot about cultural differences, the meaning of words, and using technology to bridge linguistic and cultural barriers. In this blog we desire to give you  a look into MultiLing’s international approach and allow our staff to share their own thoughts and cultural identities.